please enquire at the desk for current prices
Tel 0114 222 0352

You can pay for prints by either U card , cash or debit card.
Payment for Materials,Binding,3D printing are by U Card Cash or Debit card
(Debit Card Minimum spend £.50p)

Printing Prices Large Format Faculty Members
  Colour A0 140gsm coated paper £10.50
Colour A1 140gsm coated paper £5.50
Colour A2 140gsm coated paper £2.75
   Draft Black and White A0 90gsm  £2.50
  Draft Black and White A1 90gsm £1.30
  Draft Black and White A2 90gsm .70p

 3D printing (student and staff prices), please contact us for commercial pricing

Ultimaker 3 PLA filament printer
10p per gram


Large Format Colour 140gsm coated paper
Non Faculty Members Printing Prices
A0 £12.50
A1 £7.50
A2 £4.75

A0 Cardboard tubes £1.50