Health and Safety Induction

 The purpose of this Induction is to ensure that you, the student, are aware of the procedures in place for carrying out activities safely in the Reprographics Unit.

Equipment marked  staff only must not to be used by students
No food or drink allowed in the Print unit
Please ask the Technical staff for instructions before using equipment
Lamination,Binding and Board mounting is to be carried out by Technical staff 
Equipment can easily be damaged by inccorrect use, consult a member of staff before use
PLEASE report any damage , faults to the Technical staff
At busy times access to the Print Unit will be limited to avoid congestion
Some equipment has moving parts , rollers etc keep scarves dangling necklaces away 
Roy Childs is your First Aider located in the Print unit


What to Do if an Accident Happens :
  1. Don't Panic
  2. Report all accidents ,no matter how small to the relevant staff
  3. Call 4444 in emergency on a University internal telephone 
  4. Energency services can be called on 999
      First Aid
      The first aiders are Roy Childs located in the Print unit or Martin Bradshaw Floor 15
  1. Alert a member of staff  DO NOT ATTEMPT TO PUT THE FIRE OUT YOURSELF. 
  2. Sound the Alarm 
  3. Be aware of the fire escape route/fire drill procerdures
  4. Evacute the printroom calmy and immediately via the designated exits
  5. Alert other students to the evacuation procedures