HP Large Format Color Plotters

We currently have 6 HP Color Plotters in the Reprographics department, all capable of printing high quality prints in various sizes and on a range of different paper. Standard printing sizes range from A2 to A0 and are sent via the PCMS swipe card system. Custom sizes can be arranged but must be sent by a member of the Reprographics team. Prices for large format prints range from £1.50 to £10.50. Please refer to our PRICE LIST for a full range of prices and paper types.


OCE 400 Black and White Large Format Draught Printer

 The OCE 400 Draught Printer is perfect for any black and white printing. It is a dual roll plotter, meaning we have 90gsm Plain Paper and 112gsm Natural Tracing Paper pre loaded, which ensures a quick turn around for draught work. Prints on this machine cost between 70p and £7.00 please hand your files to the technicians for printing.

Sharp Multi Function Colour Printer/Scanner,Photocopier A3 & A4

We have 3 Sharp Colour Printers 2 on floor 15,1 on floor 18 all are capable of printing high quality prints on A4 and A3 paper.These machines can also scan up to A3 and photocopy in colour up to A3 The pre loaded paper is 100gsm Top Quality Coated A4 and A3  Paper  different types are available on request. All printing on these machines is done via the U card swipe card system. Maximum paper weight for these printers is 200gsm. Ask at the counter for alternative papers.
To install these devices on your laptops etc follow the link and instructions

 Student A3/A4 Printer installation

Board Mounting & Encapsulation

Sirocco 1080 Board Mounting


The Sirocco 1080 is a machine which mounts prints onto Foamboard or Rigid PVC, with a choice of Matt, Gloss or Sandtex finish. Please note that ideally 1 days notice must be given if any work needs mounting. This machine must be operated by the Reprographics team.

Linea DH-1100 Laminator

The Linea DH-1100 is a large format laminator used to ecapsulate any size print with either a Matt or Gloss professional finish. Please note that ideally 1 days notice must be given if you require any lamination done. This machine is operated solely by the Reprographics team.

Scanning and Document Binding

Unibinder A4 and A3 (Thermal Binder)

The Unibinder is a document binder that uses heat to adhere a fabric covered metal strip and soft clear  front and back cover to your document. The Unibinder system can be used used for A4 and Short Edge A3 Binding. This machine is used solely by the Reprographics team. Ask for details


The RENZ ECO Binder is a document binder that uses a steel comb or spiral to bind your document together, much like you would find on a calendar. The RENZ Binder is used for A4 and Short Edge A3 Binding. We have a variety of covers and backs in stock ask for details.This machine is operated by the Reprographics team.

Colortrac smartLF Scanner

We currently have 2 high quality Large Format Colour Scanners for you to use to scan your work, 2 Colortrac and 1 OCE black and white scanner which runs alonside the OCE 450 Draught Printer. These scanners are open to all and are free to use. If unsure please ask the technical staff how to operate.

Reprographics Shop

We have a wide range of products for sale in the Reprographics Unit Shop. From 1-200 Scale Figures to A0 Mount Board you can probably find everything you need for your light model work.  Payment by U Card, bank card, or cash.